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Heal your body with FOOT REFLEXOLOGY

Did you ever have your feet rubbed and an instant calmness came over you?  Foot reflexology falls into the realm of alternative medicine.  Think about it, we are organic beings so why would inorganic manufactured chemicals be good for us?  There is no doubt that alternative medicine has contributed immensely to ones health.  Remember your attitude is everything.  Negative attitude will never move along a cure but a positive attitude goes a long way.  A good thing to remember is most diseases s take a long time to come about, so therefore can take time to heal.  But the human body is amazingly resilient.  Consistency is key.  Sometimes changing your life style is necessary.  When in doubt however, always refer to a professional if you feel you have an acute condition.  Once you know what your body is telling you, Foot reflexology can speed up the healing process, and or eliminate the problem.  It is harmless to areas you may rub that are functioning correctly.  Your hands are just as effective to rub as are your feet.  I will supply a chart for both methods.

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One important note: when doing foot reflexology always remember to drink water after a treatment.  Water eliminates the toxins released within your body as you apply the methods of rubbing and or apply pressure to specific areas of your hands and/or feet.  Not drinking water could cause you to have a headache or feel sickly.



Foot Reflexology activates the bodies healing power, and cleansing the body of toxins.  Hence drinking water after a treatment is key in order to eliminate the toxins from your body.  By rubbing the feet, (both feet should be considered doing).  With some people the right foot works on the same side of your body, where with others, the opposite foot will effect the opposite side of your body.  you may feel a sore spot which would indicate a problem area.  The sorer the area indicates the more congestion you have in that part of your body.  The pain can be very painful at times, trust me, so it’s recommended to rub gently, but firmly.  The pain will subside as the area starts to heal.   The only time you would want to apply continuous pressure when there is acute pain would be cases such as a headache, sciatica, etc., in most cases, the acute pain will dissipate within a few minutes.   Some people will experience quick results, especially with a headache for example.

When working on kidney, liver, bowel, lungs and even skin for example it’s not unusual to have symptoms such as:

Increased urination as well stronger smelling and/or darker in color

More frequent bowel movements

Increased acne or perspiration

Dizziness or nausea

Increased mucous




These symptoms are an indication that the body is cleansing itself.

To help apply added pressure, try using these…


Simple things you can try to see the power of foot reflexology

Sore neck

Shoulder pain


Back pain

Stomach ache

Eliminating stress


Books & Chart

It is always good to have some references around to remind you which points on your feet and body can be helped with the use of Foot Reflexology.  I’ve included here, a book that is a wonderful read, and contains enough information to get you through the process.  Also, you can purchase the chart, and keep this handy.  I keep my chart right next to the end-table, and sometimes, while I’m watching TV, I pull the chart out, and using it to rub the right spot and find the relief I need!

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