Educate yourself on what is really in those “WELLNESS” injections!

There are always going to be pro-vaxxers and anti-vaxxers I have learned it is okay to be skeptical of the vaccines; however, we need to do our due diligence in seeking information before making our decisions to vaccinate our children. There is so much information available that we cannot and should not blindly follow a doctor’s recommendations as well we cannot completely dismiss those recommendations. There is always going to be that grey area.  You will notice in my article that I lean toward being an anti-vaxxer.  If that turns you off I do understand, but if you are  interested in finding out more on why there are anti-vaxxer’s among us, welcome and happy researching.  

Let me ask you some questions, when you bring your child to the doctors for his or her wellness checkup, do you freak out with every shot series being given to your child?  Does your inner self say “this just feels wrong?”  If you’re so sure that vaccines work, Why would an un-vaccinated child be a threat to a vaccinated child? 

 I only ask that you do your research.  I am no expert in this field.  I can only speak from experience and research I’ve done on this topic.  There is so much information out there today to aide us in making wiser decisions.  We are our children’s voice and advocates to ensue their well being.     

My mom was born in 1936.  She was big into a good diet, natural herbs for illnesses, and avoiding and/or not taking over the counter medications etc. Heck the side affects alone will seemingly do more damage.  My mom was well aware of the health risks of immunizations even back in the day.  Her knowledge was instilled in from her grandmother who was a nutritionalist/chiropractor in the 1800’s.  My brother, sister and I were born in the 60’s.  It was mandatory even back then to have your child be immunized in order to attend school.  Each year the school threatened to not allow us to attend classes until we were vaccinated.  My mother fought the system tooth and nail and won the battle each time.  My sister brother and I are very healthy adults.  I only share this story with you to inspire that there is still hope to win the battle for your right to choose. 

 Here are 5 interesting facts:

1) Scientific studies in the U.S, Germany, Sweden, and New Zealand compared vaccinated and un-vaccinated children.  Studies showed  un-vaccinated kids to be healthier than their vaccinated peers.

2) In the 1970’s only 2 shots were required for full vaccination, 1986 it grew to 10 shots, and today it is 24 shots for children under the age of 2.

3) Almost every vaccine given to children as infants wears off by the time they are a teenagers.  How many adults do you know get re-vaccinated?

4) Many children are fine with getting vaccines, but there are many who have bad reactions such as seizures, autoimmune diseases, etc. some are even ill for years.  Another very questionable side effect of vaccines is the growing number of children getting autism. If you read the fine print, one of the potential side effects listed on vaccines is AUSTISM??

5)   Vaccines are full of toxins, such as heavy metals and allergens, this is according to the Center For Disease Control as well as the Food and Drug Administration.  These chemicals can cause harmful side affects such as cancer, damage to the central nervous system, just to mention a few. 

Let’s also remember however we never want to see some of the common infections come back on the rise.  I’ve read that the pneumococcal vaccine is one to consider giving your child.   

Here is one reason I would consider vaccinated your child  

If you live in a state that has a high influx of immigrants you may want to seriously consider having your child vaccinated.  Educate yourself on infections being brought in by people coming in from other countries that we haven’t seen in decades.  Most importantly, seek a doctor you trust to help guide you with vaccines to consider giving to your child.


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Interesting video:

I am sharing this video which was produced by Linda McAllister speaking with Candyce Estave.  Thank you Linda & Candyce for all your research and hard work.  

There are a few books I have linked that you might find of interest concerning vaccines. The Anti/Vax book seems to cover both sides of the issue from what I have researched.  There are many pro/vax books and information on the market as well.  Please do your research. 

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