Once upon a time, two people wanted to live a much healthier lifestyle.  We started to make small changes at first to the things that we eat, the things we do, exercises and other activities.

There are many natural items we use all the time for home remedies, and we like to share those with others.  This site is a way for us to do it.  A place that you can come and check out all the things we use, the foods we eat and the activities we perform.  Even the items we use to measure our progress.

You’ll find a lot of information here on living a natural and healthy lifestyle.  No, we’re not perfect, and we do realize that some of the things we recommend, may not perform the same for you, and in some cases, may not work for you at all.  We’ll take the time to explain these differences when we know them, and we’ll always look to you for your comments and your stories.

Our lifestyle includes eating well, (with the occasional cheating), the use of substitues for things like sugar and other items that may not be good for everyone, and the outdoor living that we enjoy.

We hope you get to enjoy these with us, and that you share our stories as well as yours.


Thank you so much, and Healthy Living!

Peter & Maureen